Customer Testimonials

David Charles is a happy customer at Dealership
David Charles (Dealership) 

"Very happy with another purchase from Keith Price Garages. Many thanks to Jamie and all the staff at Keith Price Garages for all the care and attention we've received."

Mr and Mrs Preece is a happy customer
Mr and Mrs Preece 

"A very pleasant experience and a really easy purchase and handover. Thank you all at Keith Price Garages "

Mrs Sian Thomas is a happy customer
Mrs Sian Thomas 

" Very pleased with my new 108, a smooth transaction and a big thanks to Jamie and all at Keith Price Garages"

Nigel George is a happy customer
Nigel George 

" This is my seventh Peugeot from Keith Price, fantastic service as usual. Big thanks to Jamie, Chris and all the staff."

Miss A Caine is a happy customer
Miss A Caine 

"Our very 1st customer to collect her new 108 with the Peugeot telematics scheme. Extremely pleased with the service received from Keith Price Garages. The customer service from Jamie was faultless and I have come away an extremely HAPPY CUSTOMER "

Michele Joseph is a happy customer
Michele Joseph 

"'A very smooth transaction, It's been a pleasant and first class experience. Many thanks to Jamie and all the staff at keith price garages'."

Mr Stephen Evans is a happy customer at Keith Price Garages
Mr Stephen Evans (Keith Price Garages) 

" A very smooth transaction, very happy with the excellent service from all the team at Keith Price Garages "

Sheryl Garrett is a happy customer
Sheryl Garrett 

"This is my 3rd Peugeot off Keith Price and the service is fantastic."

Mr and Mrs Sutton is a happy customer
Mr and Mrs Sutton 

"' Very pleased with the service from Keith Price Garages and a big Thank you to all the staff '"

Ms Carol Reynolds is a happy customer
Ms Carol Reynolds 

"' A smooth transaction, very pleasant to deal with, a big thanks to all at Keith Price Garages '"

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